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U.S. Postal Service board enters the digital age

Posted in Claims and Disputes, Litigation, Postal Service Contracting

The first Board of Contract Appeals to fully enter the digital age is the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals, which recently issued new rules on electronic filing.  Although the PSBCA hears claims against the agency that provides U.S. Mail, that method of filing will no longer be allowed (absent permission). The Postal Service, however, is… Continue Reading

Top 150 U.S. Postal Service contractors for FY 2014

Posted in Postal Service Contracting

As it did last year and each of the previous eleven, Federal Express Corporation topped the list of the U.S. Postal Service’s largest suppliers in Fiscal Year 2014. EnergyUnited, which provides consolidated telecommunications and energy billing services to the Postal Service, once again held the second spot. The list of the top five USPS suppliers in FY… Continue Reading

Is the U.S. Postal Service actually over-funded?

Posted in Funding Shortfalls (Sequestration & Shutdown), Postal Service Contracting

Ever since the Postal Service “defaulted” on its annual $5.5 billion payment to the U.S. Treasury for retiree pre-funding obligations, it has been assumed that USPS is a pauper agency. But a new white paper issued by the USPS Office of Inspector General concludes that the value of the Postal Service’s real estate holdings, and… Continue Reading

Top 10 reasons why Postal Service contracting differs from other federal agencies

Posted in Postal Service Contracting

Not your typical federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service is an “independent establishment” of the executive branch of the United States government. (39 U.S.C. § 201.)  As a result, many federal procurement rules do not apply to the Postal Service. Here are the major differences between USPS’s purchasing policies and those of other federal agencies:… Continue Reading

Postal Service seeks next generation delivery vehicle

Posted in Postal Service Contracting

“Long-Life Vehicles” turned out to be a fully appropriate name for the fleet of 163,000 carrier vehicles the Postal Service first bought in 1987. Now looking to replace them, the Postal Service recently issued a Request for Information and Sources Sought notice for its “Next Generation Delivery Vehicle” (NGDV). Companies have until March 5, 2015… Continue Reading

U.S. Postal Service to boost capital spending in FY 2015

Posted in Postal Service Contracting

Capital spending is making a comeback at the Postal Service from dangerously low levels. The Postal Service plans on tripling its capital spending commitments in Fiscal Year 2015. Under its recently issued Integrated Financial Plan for FY 2015, the Postal Service projects $2.2 billion in new capital commitments. This contrasts sharply with capital spending over… Continue Reading

U.S. Postal Service plays the terrorist card against whistleblower

Posted in Labor & Employment, Postal Service Contracting

Retaliating against an employee for reporting safety violations, the U.S. Postal Service asserted baseless terrorism charges against him. As a result, the employee was dismissed from his job, arrested, detained, harassed, criminally charged with committing acts of terrorism, and subjected to an extended campaign of public disparagement. That sounds like the exaggerated ranting of a… Continue Reading

Is mail dead?

Posted in Postal Service Contracting

Is mail dead?  Let’s ask Google, the ubiquitous source of all things online. This should be a lay-up on the home court of those who would say yes. And guess what. The top ten results for a Google search of “Is mail dead?” produces seven articles on why e-mail is dead, two unrelated articles, and… Continue Reading