Doing business with the U.S. Postal Service has always been different than contracting with other federal agencies and commercial entities. As an independent agency, the Postal Service is exempt from most federal procurement laws and regulations. That’s why our firm is presenting a full-day seminar on “Postal Service Contracting: What Every Contractor Should Know,” at the Westin Tysons Corner hotel on Thursday, May 10, 2012. Click here to learn more or click here to register.

I. The Basics of Postal Service Contracting

Your postal education starts with a primer on the creation, structure, and management of the Postal Service. For example, is the Postal Service a government-owned corporation, an independent establishment, or a Cabinet-level federal agency? You’ll know the answer – and why it’s important – after you attend this seminar. Next, we provide you with vital background and statistical information that all postal contractors should know. We explore the pressing issues confronting the Postal Service today, its plans for the future, and how these issues will impact contractors. We conclude the session by setting out the 23 most important “culture pointers” encountered in the unique Postal Service contracting environment.

II. Procurement Rules and Source Selection 

The Postal Service has placed a renewed emphasis on obtaining competition in contracting. Coupled with fewer agency dollars to spend, this means that postal contractors need to understand the policies that apply to the procurement process, and the avenues available when problems arise.  Topics include:

▪ Prequalification

▪ Evaluation criteria

▪ Responding to solicitations

▪ Reverse auctions

▪ Discussions and negotiations

▪ New restrictions on noncompetitive contracting

▪ Green purchasing

▪ Special USPS contract clauses

▪ Protests and disagreements

III. Contract Administration Problem Areas

We explore “best practice” contract administration techniques and the most frequently encountered contract administration problems that arise in performing a Postal Service contract. We also describe the costs you are entitled to recover if your contract is terminated for convenience, in whole or in part.

IV.  Changes and Claims

Nobody wants them, but they are a fact of life. This section of the seminar examines your rights and responsibilities when your contract is changed. We identify the most common types of changes, how to respond to them, and how to avoid taking self-defeating actions. We then describe the process employed for bringing and resolving contractor and Postal Service claims.

Additional information and registration:

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