On February 4, 2011, the U.S. Small Business Administration is set to launch its Women-Owned Small Business Program, which is intended to create a set-aside structure for WOSBs similar to the existing 8(a) platform.  The overall goal of the new program is to expand federal contracting opportunities for women-owned businesses within 83 different industries (identified by NAICS code) where WOSBs have traditionally been underrepresented.  Some of the eligibility requirements for participation in the WOSB program include: (1) the company must be “small” in its primary industry in accordance with SBA size standards; (2) the company must be at least 51 percent directly and unconditionally owned by one or more women; and (3) control and day-to-day management of the company must be in the hands of one or more women.Continue Reading SBA’s Women-Owned Small Business Program