During last week’s “Meet the Construction Chiefs” program put on by Professional Women in Construction, the new Director of Project Delivery for the National Capital Region gave a candid presentation on his plan for overhauling GSA’s procurement of construction services. Andrew Blumenfeld’s plan includes identifying the contractor’s proposed completion schedule as an evaluation factors and encouraging fixed-price line items for acceleration.
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Title 41 of the U.S. Code holds many of the key laws governing contracts with the federal government. A four-year effort to organize this collection of public contract laws and remove “ambiguities, contradictions, and other imperfections” was completed on January 4, 2011. The President’s signature on Public Law No. 111-350, 124 Stat. 367 (Jan. 4, 2011) [pdf] has the effect of renumbering the entirety of Title 41 and giving new section numbers to many of the most important government contract laws.Continue Reading What happened to the Contract Disputes Act?