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A former AUSA with substantial experience in private practice, Cormac defends individual and corporations facing criminal and civil investigations.

Cormac is a trial lawyer with two decades of experience with high-stakes litigation and investigations, both as a prosecutor and as defense counsel. He has advised dozens of clients facing criminal and civil investigations involving all manner of federal criminal investigations, False Claims Act allegations, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act claims.  Cormac regularly assists clients with responses to formal and informal investigative inquiries, including Grand Jury subpoenas, Office of Inspector General subpoenas, civil investigative demands, and 28 U.S.C. § 1783 subpoenas.

In a speech given at NYU on September 15, 2022, DOJ Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco reviewed new and enhanced DOJ policies regarding criminal enforcement related to corporate entities. Monaco’s comments appear to signal that DOJ will be taking a significantly more aggressive posture in corporate investigations. We summarize briefly the new policy priorities below and also provide suggestions on how to contractors might manage risk and compliance issues accordingly.
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