The Veterans Administration can freely acquire goods and services from GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule, and it is not required to set-aside such procurements for veteran-owned small businesses (VOSBs) or service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSBs). Under the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, the VA is required to set aside procurements for

During last week’s “Meet the Construction Chiefs” program put on by Professional Women in Construction, the new Director of Project Delivery for the National Capital Region gave a candid presentation on his plan for overhauling GSA’s procurement of construction services. Andrew Blumenfeld’s plan includes identifying the contractor’s proposed completion schedule as an evaluation factors and encouraging fixed-price line items for acceleration.
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Even a dog knows the difference between being accidentally stepped on and intentionally kicked.  Having your contract terminated by the government is similar. If it happens because circumstances have changed, it’s like being accidentally stepped on. You don’t like it, but you know it wasn’t intentionally done to harm you. But if your contract is terminated solely because the agency seeks a better price—that is an intentional kick to the gut. Does the law recognize the difference between these two scenarios? Read on.
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